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Jailbreak iPod Touch

I bought my iPod touch today; I tested one in the shop first and loved it, bought it, got home and synced it. I probably can’t tell you anything more than you do already, all I can say is that I am very happy with my purchase, and it is worth £270. The only con I can think of is the keyboard, I hit the wrong key very regularly, I need to take my time to not make any mistakes. Other than that I am very happy customer and I love everything about it.

Bust, I was very scared earlier today, silly me I tried to jailbreak my iPod touch at around 00:00, I was tired and I did something wrong, this caused iTunes to think that the iPod had 600mb of storage, then 5gb, and what worried me the most was the fact I could not restore. I continued the process as best I could, and thankfully I could restore and it showed the full storage how it should be.

Right now I am re-syncing, which is going to take a long time, but I am very happy that I have not broken my iPod in my first day of having it.

Overall, it is a very nice piece of kit, keyboard is too small, and I will certainly not be jail breaking it any time soon.


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Optimus Maximus Keyboard

This keyboard is just like any other keyboard, except each key is its own OLED display. This means that the pictures on the keys are not set in stone, so different layouts or languages can be displayed. As well as different layouts and languages the keys can be set for shortcuts to programmes or different functions. Some examples are shown on the website this site shows different language layouts, the dvorak layout, a Half-Life layout and a Photoshop layout. The demo gives a good idea of the possibilities that are opened by this keyboard.


537 mm


173 mm


38 mm


20.2×20.2 mm


The rear of the keyboard houses 2 usb ports, an sd card slot (for keyboard layouts), a K-Lock slot, usb output and dc input.

The only problem is its approximate price, 1564.37$ (£763.112). £763 is far too much for a home user to pay for a keyboard, but there may be a space for this kind of product in industry, certainly in the future we should see cheaper products of this ilk, but not any time soon

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Limb Regeneration

Many animals are able to regenerate in some way or other.

One of the most noticeable examples of regeneration can be seen in salamanders. Whole, fully functioning, limbs can be recreated if needed. As soon as a limb is severed the regeneration starts, the wound heals and then a growth of de-categorised cells forms. These de-categorised cells are much like human stem cells as they can become any type of cell they need to be. Over the next few days or weeks the limb grows back using the de-categorised cells; the limb is fully functional with nerves and blood vessels, an exact copy of the original limb.

Some regeneration is seen in mammals with the re-growth of antlers, finger tips and ear holes. Human children up to the age of ten have been known to grow new finger tips if needed as long as the wound is not covered and human livers can fully regenerate as long as they have 25% of the original tissue.

The idea of regeneration is often used in fiction, with comic book heroes such as Super Man, The hulk and Spiderman all able to regenerate their wounds.

It is a very interesting idea that animals can re-grow limbs, and that humans can re-grow finger tips, if only we could use these ideas to re grow human limbs and organs; I suppose if we did more stem cell research we might actually get somewhere, who knows.

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In Rainbows

In Rainbows is the new album by Radiohead. Overall it is a fairly average album, it will probably be a big hit with big fans, but I have not heard much of their music so I can’t compare it to much else.

As a person who just enjoys music I say that there are two good songs, on the album (the download version), but I cannot make a real opinion on it without hearing the second CD in the full £40 pack.

My friend is a big fan of Radiohead so I think I will be borrowing some CD’s from him, including the second CD of In Rainbows.

A disappointing factor of the download is that they have not even released the album art yet, it seems a bit silly to release an album without the album art. People might as well just illegally download the album and get the same quality of product.

So yes, the album is okay, but only okay.

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The Red Ring of Death

My Brother’s Xbox 360 failed yesterday and shows the 3 red lights around the power button, so I did a bit of research on what could have caused this.

The red ring of death appears around the power button of the Xbox 360 when there is a hardware failure, which seems to be happening to far too many people. The fact that Microsoft has actually included a hardware failure indicator means that they were probably expecting things to go wrong.

Many people’s Xbox 360s have failed and have needed to be replaced my Microsoft. The cause of this problem is said to be overheating. Because the CPU and GPU are the parts which generate the most heat, the area of the motherboard closest to these places will heat up faster. The spots of the motherboard closest to the CPU and GPU will expand faster than the rest. Like with bi-metallic strips, the mother board wants to bend, so if the motherboard is not properly held in place, the solder joints can crack or break causing the system to fail.

It is thought that the Xbox 360’s motherboard is not properly supported, so the motherboard is able to bend causing the solder joints to break. The Microsoft has used lead-free solder for the Xbox 360, which is more brittle than the older tin/lead solder. So when the console does heat up, there is a large chance of the console eventually failing.

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I Have Changed Over To Word Press

I have just changed over to word press because it is more compatible with word 2007’s blog feature, which is really good by the way. All you have to do is tell word which provider you are with and your user details then create new blog post, write your post, then just click publish. Also you can post any document as a blog, but I have yet to test that out.

Obviously I am new to blogging so I need to have a little look round to see which provider suits me the best.

So yes, I am very happy with the new office 2007, only problem is the glitches in excel, but I won’t use that very much, and they will fix it sometime soon.

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Excel 2007

I knew that Microsoft would make at least one mistake with vista and all the new software they have released. When reading up on office 2007 I saw something about the errors in excel 2007, Microsoft has reported that the problem exists in the display of six specific floating point values between 65534.99999999995 and 65,535, and six values between 65535.99999999995 and 65,536.

Any calculation that results in one of these twelve values will be displayed incorrectly. The actual value stored and passed to other cells is correct, only the displayed value is wrong. As of September 26, 2007, Microsoft reportedly has a fix, but it is still undergoing testing prior to release.

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