In Rainbows

In Rainbows is the new album by Radiohead. Overall it is a fairly average album, it will probably be a big hit with big fans, but I have not heard much of their music so I can’t compare it to much else.

As a person who just enjoys music I say that there are two good songs, on the album (the download version), but I cannot make a real opinion on it without hearing the second CD in the full £40 pack.

My friend is a big fan of Radiohead so I think I will be borrowing some CD’s from him, including the second CD of In Rainbows.

A disappointing factor of the download is that they have not even released the album art yet, it seems a bit silly to release an album without the album art. People might as well just illegally download the album and get the same quality of product.

So yes, the album is okay, but only okay.


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