How To Jailbreak iPhone/iPod Touch

One of my most viewed article is concerning the time when I messed up my jailbreak, I assume most people thought it was a how to article, then they were disappointed to find it was just me complaining. So I thought that I would tell you how to do it rather than just complaining. I found an extremely simple way to do this:

All you need is your iPhone/iPod Touch and a wifi internet connection. Really all you do is direct your safari to, your safari will crash and take you back to the home screen. Wait for a few minutes until the locked screen appears, unlock your device and you should see a new icon amongst your apps called installer. This allows you to install many new apps to your device to be used anywhere.

My first suggestion is to open installed, go to install, sources, community sources, and install that. It will take you to the locked screen, unlock then go back into installer, now there are much much more apps to choose from.

My suggested apps to install are as follows:

  • NES (emulator) – see next post for instructions on how to install games
  • MobileFinder (file browser)
  • MobileToDoList
  • Sketches (sketch pad)
  • BSD Subsystem
  • Dock (nice app selector)
  • SummerBoard (allows customisable themes)
  • Touch Calendar Fix (adds an “add task” button to the calendar)

They are all the things I have installed to make my iPod Touch an all round better device, but of course there are many more fun and useful apps ready for install so feel free to experiment and find a setup that is right for you.


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