iPhone/iPod Touch NES Emulator Instructions

In my last post I mentioned the NES emulator for the iPhone/iPod Touch. I had to do a bit of searching to find out how to do this, but thankfully you have me to tell you now.First of all your device is jailbroken, then make sure you have MobileFinder installed (see my article on how to jailbreak for more information on this0. Once you have this open it, tap the squiggle in the top right corner, double tap Media, tap create, tap folder, and name it “ROMs”. Inside this folder do the same but call the folder “NES”, this is where you will place your roms.Then visit this site http://code.google.com/p/iphonelist/. Download the file and install iPhoneList, this will allow you to explore your iPhone/iPod Touch’s files and folders so you can place the roms. Then you need to find some roms, just search on Google or something, they are not hard to come across.So finally just place your roms into the “ROMs” Folder you created earlier and you are set to go.


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  1. 1

    Kareem said,

    Hmmm… It seems as if it might work, but I have a Mac, and iPhoneList is a Windows application (for it is a .exe file). Thus, I cannnot complete the required tasks. Do you know a Mac version of something related to iPhoneList?

  2. 2

    Lee Bialecki said,

    First you want to intsall “OpenSSH” through intaller. Then go to http://www.cyberduck.ch/ and install that on your mac. Connect your device to your mac and open Cyberduck, go to “open connection” then “sftp ssh secure file tranfer”.

    Go to your device, setting, wifi, then tap the blue circle next to your wifi conection, here you will find your ip adress. in cyber duck enter your ip adress where it says “server” username is root and password is alpine, make sure port is 22. Click conect, slick allow on the error message.

  3. 3

    Ryou said,

    I can’t find the ROMs folder on the iPhoneList program. What do I do?

  4. 4

    Lee Bialecki said,

    Either create the folder on your desktop and drag it into iphonelist, or make sure you have added to folder properly through MobileFinder

  5. 5

    Dan said,

    when i downloaded iphonelist, i tried opening it and i got an error, i tried downloading it again, and it didnt work .. why?

  6. 6

    Dan said,

    i think i got it … i can view my ipod touch’s apps, i cant find ROMs though, im pretty sure i did everything right … what do i do?

  7. 7

    Lee Bialecki said,

    cant find ROMs as in games, or ROMs as in the folder? If the folder is not there then create it either through mobilefinder or winscp. For the game ROMs just search in gooogle.

  8. 8

    Lee Bialecki said,

    cant find ROMs as in games, or ROMs as in the folder? If the folder is not there then create it either through mobilefinder or winscp. For the game ROMs just search in gooogle.

  9. 9

    Dan said,

    folder, i can create it in mobilefinder? and then what drag games i already downloaded in?

  10. 10

    Dan said,

    this is what i did .. i followed all your instructions i have iphone list. now what do i do? go to applications .. i see finder .. is this the app i installed? i clicked it and i can’t find the ROMs folder or NES folder i created in mobilefinder

  11. 11

    Dan said,

    know what i mean?

  12. 12

    Jon said,

    Hi, im wondering the same thingi’ve got the iphoneList, and i made my ROMs folder and NES folder in mobilefinder. Now i was wondering how to get my downloaded game onto my ipod touch using iphoneList … could you help me?

  13. 13

    Lee Bialecki said,

    an, on your ipod or iphone, open mobile finder, doubble tapp “Media” then tap “Create” then “Folder”, Call the folder “ROM’s” then double tap the folder you just created. From there create a new folder called “NES”

  14. 14

    Lee Bialecki said,

    Now Dan and Jon, in iphonelist navigate to the NES folder you have made, then just simply drag your games into the folder and you will be able to play them.

  15. 15

    Jon said,

    are they in the NES emulator? i just dragged it into the NES folder iniphoneList .. should i restart ipod?

  16. 16

    Jon said,

    for some reason it’s not working, i dragged the file into the NES folder .. but when i go to the emulator nothing is there

  17. 17

    Jon said,

    do i need to install anything after they’re gragged in? do i drag in the zipped file, or the game inside the file? do i need to refresh the ipod or do something mobile finder app?

  18. 18

    Dan said,

    i’m in the same boat as Jon, if u could let me know what to do next i would appreciate it so much! thanks

  19. 19

    Lee Bialecki said,

    The file you drag in is the .rom file (in the zip folder for you Dan) once you have the files in there then you should check mobile finder to see if they are definately there, if they are not try restarting your iPod or putting them in again. Once the files are in there open the NES emulator on your ipod and the games should be there.

  20. 20

    Dan said,

    i got it .. i was putting them in the wrong NES file woo! i wanted all the NES games, so i downloaded a package from limewire. i had all 960 games, and i could just drag them all in! thank you so much

  21. 21

    tanner said,

    hey uh…

    “Safari cant download the file” for the iphone list…


  22. 22

    Lee Bialecki said,

    tanner, you download iphonelist with your computer not your ipod/iphone

  23. 23

    snoopy said,

    hey , i got iphonelist and everything just it will only let me drap in the zip file, there is nor .rom files in there, if you can help me out , thanks alot

  24. 24

    Lee Bialecki said,

    Send me the zip file at leebialecki@gmail.com and I will take a look at it. If I cannot do anything with it I will just find you the correct rom file for you.

  25. 25

    Dino said,

    i’ve tried and tried but i don’t have the mobile finder app on my touch and it’s jailbroken. Is ther a link that will get me mobile finder. Cause i can’t seem to find it

  26. 26

    Lee Bialecki said,

    Just go into installer, install, all packages, then find mobile finder in there and install it.

  27. 27

    anthony said,

    dude, what is the source to get mobile finder

  28. 28

    Lee Bialecki said,

    MobileFinder is included in the Comunity Sources source install.

  29. 29

    anthony said,

    no way, its not


  30. 30

    anthony said,

    whats the source called

  31. 31

    Lee Bialecki said,

    The source to install Mobilefiner is http://repo.smxy.org/iphone-apps/. This source is included in the comunity Sources and please be a bit more polite when asking a person for help.

  32. 32

    Blake said,

    Hey, i downloaded the finder and made the folders…. then i went to google and got a ROM. now am i suppose to place it in the ROM folder or inside the NES folder(which is in the ROM folder)? A quick reply would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  33. 33

    Lee Bialecki said,

    Place the .rom file into the NES folder. The NES folder is inside the ROMs folder, the ROMs folder I side the Media folder. There is nothing to worry about if you do anythign wrong, so in future feel free to do wha thou think is right and just deleate anything you do wrong.

  34. 34

    Blake said,

    Thanks alot for the quick reply

  35. 35

    Lee Bialecki said,

    No problem Blake.

  36. 36

    Jon said,

    Okay so i downloaded the ROMs and i have everything in order but my files are .NES not .rom. Is that a problem? It wont allow me to drag and drop them and i have no idea why not.

  37. 37

    Lee Bialecki said,

    .nes files should work fine and you should be able to drag any file type into iphonelist. Try dragging different file types in different places to see if iphonelist is working correctly and if it isnt then reinstall it. Also try remaking the ROMs and NES folders to see if they were corupt or something.

  38. 38

    Taj Singh said,

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for the information above, I am finding it very useful.

    Just a quick questions

    If i use iphonelist as oppose to the mobilefinder app on the iphone, how do I create the folder in the right place: I.E

    The folders that already exist are


    I tried creating a new folder here called ROMS then NES and placed the NES/ROM files there but when launching the emulator I still get the message no ROMS found place ROMS in /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/NES

    Any assistance would be much appreciated.



  39. 39

    Lee Bialecki said,

    Well Taj,

    first thing I should say is that the folder names are case sensitive and you said you were creating a ROMS folder rather than a ROMs folder (might have just been a typing error in the comment, but if not that may be the problem you are having)

    If you are doing everything correctly in iphonelist maybe you should look towards a SSH program. I recommend the free WinSCP software, you can find more information on this software in me “How to love your iPhone/iPod Touch More” post.

    Hope I have helped in some way.


  40. 40

    Taj Singh said,

    Worked a treat, its was the naming convention.


  41. 41

    kendrick said,

    i think ive followed all the directions but cant seem to get anywhere. ive jailbroken my touch with no problems. ive used touchcopy to browse the filefolders on the touch, and see no var folder. files listed are as follows:
    MooCow Music
    then i used iphonelist. the list of files are as follows:
    exact same as above is addition to-

    any time i try to open any of thoe folders in iphonelist, the program crashes. i have the nes emulator installed, tons of roms, and cant do anything! please help!!!

  42. 42

    kendrick said,

    oh, i even triend making the folders and leaving them in the default directory- /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/NES and putting in a couple roms and the emulator tells me no roms found.

  43. 43

    Lee Bialecki said,

    I think your problem is that you dont have “OpenSSH” installed. Intall “OpenSSH” and “Services” and make sure SSH is turned on. This should make all of the folders visible.

  44. 44

    Chris said,

    How do i install MobileFinder?

  45. 45

    Lee Bialecki said,

    Just go into Installer and find it in the “All Packages” bit.

  46. 46

    Zack said,

    hey, i got an error about half way through, saying that it can’t download it into my local settings folder.

    apparently i can’t even find one in my computer anyway, but when i download the standalone, it shows that i do.

    halp plz.

  47. 47

    Lee Bialecki said,

    An error half way through what?

  48. 48

    Zack said,

    the download for iPhoneList.

    are you supposed to download earlier ones first?

  49. 49

    Lee Bialecki said,

    Well if it is a download problem with your computer than i have no real help to offer you.
    But i there are other ways to acces files on your device, look on my “How to love your iphone/ipod touch more” article, you should find some help there.

  50. 50

    kendrick said,

    i have openssh installed. still cant see the folders. one other problem. now when i try to install apps, i get this message “Error Main script execution failed!” everythingelse runs fine. do i just need to restore?

  51. 51

    Rock said,

    Does this work with the 1.1.4 firmware? I used Ziphone to jailbreak my 16gb ipod touch w/ the 1.1.4 firmware. I created the folders as described, correct case sensitivity and all, added some ROM’s, but the NES emulator can’t find them. I uploaded them to:


    but nothing. Any suggestions?

  52. 52

    Rock said,

    I don’t know how, but I finally got the NES emulator to launch without the error message about no ROMS found, but there were no games listed.

    I was able to find a source (http://lyndellwiggins.com/installer/Swell) that had a package called NES Roms and after installing that it put a bunch of games in there. The ROMS I FTP’d over still don’t show up. Oh well, at least I’m getting somewhere.

  53. 53

    fgfg said,

    ummmm i installed everything but when o drag the file it doesnt copy it?? wat should i do?? ps
    i copied the zip

  54. 54

    Lee Bialecki said,

    Do not copy the zip, coppy the file inside of the zip, i have mentioned this before in a previouse comment.

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