Daria was an animated programme aired on MTV 2 a few years ago. Daria was first seen in Bevis and But-Head as a secondary character, later she was then given her own show named after her. She is an intelligent, down-beat student of Lawndale High, she is best friends with an avid artist called Jane and is sister to the co-president of the fashion club in school. Her mother is a lawyer and her dad is a salesman.

The only real reason it was allowed to be aired on MTV 2 was because the music in each episode was made of recent tracks, so there was some musical element.

The episodes are mainly made up of school life for her; she is one of the ‘unpopular’ kids so much so that her sister denies knowing her. The humour is mainly sarcasm and it makes a great programme, I have not seen it aired on any channels recently so it is hard to watch, best thing to do is watch it on the internet at veoh or similar sites.

Daria is one of the most wanted DVDs according to a survey taken, it is unlikely for the DVD to be made because it would be very hard to get permission to use all the music for a DVD, so it does not look good for the fans of this great show. So yes, give it a search and I’m sure you will like it.


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