A few days ago in Biology we got to dissect a heart. I have to say that it was very fun and I had a very good time. So I went down to my local butchers and asked if they had a heart I could buy, they did not, but they said they would get one by Friday. So on Thursday I went in again and picked it up, it was a rather big pig heart, ready for cutting up. So I found a container to put it in until the next day, found a nearly-finished tub of (vegetarian) ice-cream so I finished off the ice-cream and cleaned it to put the heart in.

Before I put the heart in I took had a good feel of it, it feels like really tough, moist meat. I also took some ‘before’ pictures to post on this article. So after I had finished I put it in the tub and left it in the fridge.

First we felt to see which side was the left; we put our fingers into the veins and felt the thickness of the muscle to find the left side (the thicker wall). We then cut down along the vain down to the bottom of the heart to have a look inside. We measured the thickness of the wall and had a look at the valves and how they stop blood from travelling the wrong direction.

After we had seen all we needed to in there, we cut along the same line but along the right side so we could compare the different sides (the left wall was much thinner). We then followed the path the blood takes, in through the right vain, out through the right artery, in through the left vain, out through the right artery. After that we had a bit of time left so Mrs Hughes-Gooding let so do what we wanted for the rest of the lesson.

We learnt a lot really, about how the right wall is thinner because it only pumps blood to the lungs, about the path the blood takes and safety precautions the heart has. It is much better to have fun cutting up a heart than to just learn from what the teacher says.


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