My New Setup

Well, the main idea behind this is to be able to rest my head while watching TV on my laptop. It was not very pleasant to do this with my laptop alone, so I have hooked it up with my TV and kept it that way. So now I just have to slide my keyboard across and be comfortable while watching a film or TV with my laptop. At the moment it is now quite perfect though.

It is a bit of a task to remove the laptop from all its connections, so I ordered a micro USB hub yesterday. So I will only have to remove the VGA, AC and one USB. Also I am using a large Microsoft wireless keyboard at the moment, so I have ordered a nice small keyboard So the setup will be both comfortable and functional,

I only wish that my laptop had a HDMI out connection and blu-ray drive so it would be perfect, but I suppose that does not matter too much at the moment. So yes, all seems well and good at the moment, I will now move a few centimetres to have a small nap.


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