Small Keyboards

I find it hard to believe how much of a task it was to find a small keyboard. I Spent about a week finding a small, wireless PC keyboard when it should have only taken a few minutes. Though now I feel quite silly because searching “small wireless keyboard” gave me a perfect site showing a few good keyboards. Thankfully I did not order the one I found, and now I will look through this site.


But for the past week I had some real trouble with finding a keyboard that met my needs. Searching For small keyboards I was mostly finding PDA keyboards which wouldn’t have worked with a pc, which is annoying really because a foldable keyboard would have been perfect for me because I could have just slipped it under my pillow at night.


To be honest, while writing this article I have been searching Google to find search terms which came with the wrong kind of keyboard, but I seem to be doing a much better job of finding the right sort of keyboard now than I had been doing through the week, so this article seems to be getting more and more pointless as I keep writing. I did decide on the iOne Mini Wireless 10m Range Keyboard With Built In Mouse” from Amazon, but with these now found sites I will have to make a more informed decision, thankfully I had not ordered yet.


Ps. Word crashed half way through this article so I have probably missed something out that I meant to say.


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