How To Love Your iPhone/iPod Touch More

Well, it was my first day back at school today. A few of my friends have got iPod Touches for Christmas and asked how I got mine so nice. So I am writing this set of instructions to let them get the most out of their iPods and iPhones. Most of their iPods will be on firmware 1.1.2, so first thing to do is downgrade. I will just say now, you need access to a wifi connection to do anything worth doing.


Downgrade your iPod/iPhone

This process is very simple and can be done very easily.

  1. The first thing you need to do is get a copy of the 1.1.1 firmware, this can be found at, save that to your desktop.
  2. Connect your device to your PC and open iTunes.
  3. Go into your device and shift+click “check for updates”
  4. Find the firmware you downloaded and select it.

This downgrade only works for 1.1.2, 1.1.3 is slightly harder and here it is:

  1. First go to and save that to your desktop.
  2. Open the zip folder and drag the contents to your desktop, then open that folder.
  3. Then go to this site to get the 1.1.1 firmware
  4. Make sure iTunes is closed and your device is plugged in, then open iphuc.exe (inside the 1.1.3 downgrade folder you downloaded first)
  5. Now type “enterrecovery” into iphuc (all one word) and press the enter key. Your device will then show the apple logo, followed by the iTunes logo with a picture of you device USB cable.
  6. Now this bit you need to be careful, inside iphuc type “filecopytophone WTF.s5l8900xall.RELEASE.dfu” (it is case sensitive) check you spelt it correctly, then check again, do not get it wrong. Then press the enter key.
  7. Then again in iphuc, type “cmd go” (make sure you put the space in) and press the enter key.
  8. Leave that for no less than 5 minutes, then close iphuc.
  9. Ok, now open iTunes, it will say it has found your device in recovery mode and you us restore it. So shift+click the restore button and select he 1.1.1 firmware you downloaded at the beginning. This will restore your device, but into1.1.1 instead of 1.1.3.When I asks you to se up the device make sure you say it is a new device, not your old one.

O, so whichever firmware you originally had you now have firmare 1.1.1, we have done this because it has the easiest jailbreak, which is what we will do next.


Jailbreak your iPod/iPhone

This is even easier than downgrading; all you do is navigate to “” with your iPod or iPhone, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap “install appsnapp”. Safari will crash and you will be taken back home, a loading image should be shown telling you the installs progress. When it is finished it will take you to the locked screen, unlock your device and you should see a new icon named “Installer”



You have now opened up your device to hundreds of 3rd party applications to extend your device’s capabilities. I will now tel you which applications to install to allow your device to use Installer properly. Although I strongly recommend you do the first 4 steps, all these steps are optional, this is just how I like my iPod to be as standard.


  1. First of all you want to scroll to “Sources” and install everything there, now you have more applications to choose from.
  2. Then go to “System” and install “BSD Subsystem”.
  3. Again in “System” install “OpenSSH” if it is not already installed. Then go to “Utilities” and install “Services”. This will help you a lot if you go onto further hacks.
  4. Go to “Productivity” and install “MobileFinder” this allows you to rows your device’s files with your device, it can come in handy some times.
  5. Under “Tweaks” install “Touch Calendar Fix” and you can add calendar events straight from your device


Okay, now your device is set for any application downloaded through installer, now you can browse through the available applications and see what is best for you. I will now recommend what I feel are the best applications to make your device much better.


  1. The first two which you should install are SummerBoard and Customize; these allow you to change the appearance of your device to suit you more. Once you have them both installed, find the folders “Themes (Customize)” and “Themes “SummerBoard” these folders contain many different themes, see which ones interest you and test them out. SummerBoard is mainly customizing your home screen, changing your icons order/visibility and background. Customize is more changing specific things like battery images and sliders.
  2. “Dock” is a great user interface extension, it creates a yellow light in the bottom right corner of your screen. If you drag your finger from the corner, further into the screen, all your installed applications will be shown in an arc. This is an impressive application to show off to your friends, but it also serves a very important function to me. I use it as a kind of “All Programmes” menu and I use the main screen as my “Desktop”. I do this by going into “Customize”, “Icon Display Order” then tap the eye, you then tap an application to choose whether or not it should be shown on the Desktop. This lets you clean up your Desktop, and all of your applications are still shown in the Dock.
  3. Another wise install is “FireflyMediaServer” this is a very clever application which allows you to play your music in the device, through iTunes, wirelessly. This is handy for if you are at somebody else’s house, and you would like to hear your music through speakers wirelessly. It is surprisingly easy, just install it then iTunes should now show your device under “Shared”
  4. “MobileChat” is a good application which lets you chat with your instant messaging client.
  5. “Sketches” is a nice little drawing pad for a few scribbles.
  6. “MobileToDoList” is a great to do application.


Jailbreak 1.1.2

This is a pointless task if you do not NEED the 1.1.2 firmware, there is no visible difference between 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 except from little things like a battery status within iTunes. What it is definitely needed for is to Jailbreak 1.1.3. For this you will need some extracting software like WinRAR (can be found at, t says it’s a free trial but mine has never run out.) It is quite easy so here we go:

  1. First download java for your computer from
  2. Go to “Installer” “Tweaks 1.1.1” and install “OctoPrep”
  3. Go to to download the 1.1.2 firmware.
  4. Plug your device in and open iTunes.
  5. In iTunes find the button that says “check for updates” by clicking on your device. Shift+click that button and find the firmware you just downloaded.
  6. When you have updated to 1.1.2 close iTunes, press ctrl+alt+deleate and click processes. End any process that is related to iPod or apple or anything like that.
  7. Go to
    and download that.
  8. Make a new folder called “jailbreak”. Right click the file you just downloaded and click “Extract files” and choose the folder you just created.
  9. When that is done open the folder and double click the file which is called “windows” Click the box to install ssh and click “Jailbreak”.
  10. Leave that for about 5 minutes until it says that it is done and tells you to reboot your device. So turn you device on and off again and click ok. Your devise will then reboot on its own , when it turns back on you will have a jailbroken 1.1.2 device.

This process did not work with me the first time, just try at it a few times and it should work. Like I said at the beginning, this is pointless unless you want to actually need 1.1.2 for something like jailbreaking 1.1.3.


Jailbreak 1.1.3

First of all let me stress that this is NOT a quick process, it can take up to an hour and a half, but you only need to do 5 minutes work and the rest is just letting it do its thing. (Also make sure you have full battery or are connected to a power source):

  1. First thing to do is to go to “Settings” “General” and set the auto sleep to never. Then make sure you have a 1.1.2 jailbroken device, if not look at my other post “How to love you’re iPhone/ iPod Touch more” here you will find instructions of how to jailbreak 1.1.1 and 1.1.2.
  2. After that, make sure you have the latest version of Installer, just check if there are any updates in Installer. Also you must have “Open SSH”, “BSD Subsystem” and “Services” installed.
  3. Now go Into Installer then into “Sources”. Tap “Edit” in the top right corner of the screen, then “Add” in the top left. The source you need to ass is
  4. Now you have this new source go to “Install” and “1.1.3 jailbreak + iPhone”. Install that package and the install will begin, it will seem to get stuck but it is just taking its time, leave it for about an hour and check on it every so often.

More details can be found on my dedicated post at


Some of the great applications for your device need a little bit more work than just Installing, so I will talk about these separately.



NES Emulator

This is a very popular application which is one of my favourites. It is very simple to install and use, it just takes a little bit more than installing it. First of all install the application through Installer. Then you want to find some ROMs, just search something like “free nes roms download” and you should find what you are looking for. Find a game you want, I suggest “Super Mario Brothers”.

Then you want to download WinSCP from and install it on your computer. This lets you access the files on your device, connect your device to your computer then open WinSCP and you will get a log in screen. I suggest disabling the auto-lock feature on your device before logging into it. Now you log in:

  1. Host Name- Go to settings, WIFI, then tap the blue circle to the right of your connection. Your host name is your ip address.
  2. Port- 22
  3. Username- root
  4. Password- alpine
  5. Login

Say yes to any error messages, if it asks for a password it is still alpine, you are now inside your device. Minimise WinSCP and create a new folder on your desktop, call it “ROMs” open that then make a new folder inside called “NES”. Close that, then restore WinSCP. Go into “Media” and drag the “ROMs” folder there. Now find your game you downloaded and place it into the “NES” folder inside your device.

Now everything is set for your NES emulator, add all the games you want because they are only small, have hours of retro fun.


Game Boy Advance Emulator

This may interest you a bit more than the NES because most people have owned a Game Boy. First go to Installer and install “gpSPhone”. After that you have done most of the work setting up the NES, just replace the word “NES” with “GBA” and you are nearly done. The extra bit of work for this is getting the BIOS and putting it in the right place. The BIOS is the console itself, the thing that makes the device work.

The BIOS can be found at, once you have that downloaded that, open WinSCP and log in. Above the list of folders, click the boy with a picture of a folder labels “root”, then in the drop down click the top folder. When you are there go into “Applications” then “gpSPhone” drag the bios into here and you are ready to go. Put your ROMs in the “GBA” folder you made and you are ready to go.


Play Station Emulator

Okay, now this has the be one of the best apps the iPod Touch or iPhone has ever seen, with all the emulators for it, people may even include its gaming capabilities in reasons to buy one. First install “psx4all”, this also needs a BIOS, this is found at Just do the same as you did with the GBA but replace the word GBA with PSX. This application is very much in its first release, I have not used it much because the games are quite hard to get hold of, but give it some time and this will be on your list of best functions of your device.


iPhone Applications on iPod Touch

one of the main things the iPod touch is missing, is the iPhone’s “Mobile Mail” application. People may want the others, I like notes also, but the main reason I did this was to get the mail app, which I use a lot.

This is a very easy process, no computer needed. All you need to do is go into Installer and tap sources on the bottom bar. Tap “Edit” then “Add” and type ““. This has added two new folders in Installer called “iPhone 1.1.1 Apps for…” and “iPhone 1.1.2 Apps for…”. Ignore the second folder and open the first one. Here you will find a few packages, all the iPhone apps are here and some of them have two packages for one app. For the apps which also have a “…Prep” package, you NEED to install the “…Prep” package first, then the other. So that’s all you need to know really, enjoy having the iPhone apps on your iPod Touch.


The Best Game For iPhone/iPod Touch (iPhysics)

I have no idea why this isn’t in Installer by default, but it is easy to get it there. iPhysics is a really impressive and fun game to have, the object of the game is to get the red ball to the blue square, depending on the level there are many ways to achieve this. The main way to do this is by drawing an object and then gravity will make the object fall, hit the ball, and move it, lines can also be drawn to make bridges ect. Other levels allow other things, like dragging objects, creating pivoting objects and using the accelerometer. The most impressive thing about this game is how well the physics work, it really lets you use your imagination to achieve your goal.

Ok, now get it. The same as with the iPhone apps, add a new source, type “” and you have a new folder in Installer Called “iPhysics” inside this, Install the package named after the folder, all the other packages in this folder are levels created by 3rd parties, there are many great levels so check a few out. So that is it, open it and scribble away. I should give two instructions which I did not figure out for a while, move your device sharply upwards while holding it in portrait to show the menu, and draw a loop around an object you want to delete.



This is quite a nice little photo manipulation tool to have a play with and impress your friends. It takes photos from your camera roll and uses the devices muti-touch capabilities very well, not only can you pinch the photos, you can rotate them at the same time and drag them into piles. I must admit this app has no real use, but it is nice to have installed. It works perfectly for iPhone users, but of course, iPod Touch doesn’t have a camera roll, so you need to make one for yourself.

It is quite simple, just install “PhotoBoard” in Installer. Then open WinSCP and log in to your device. There should be a folder there called “DCIM” if you are familiar with digital cameras you will understand this. Inside “DCIM” there might be a folder called “100APPLE” if there isn’t, make one either within WinSCP or by making one on your desktop and dragging it in. So inside this folder drag your favourite photos, and have a play.



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