iOne Scorpius-P20

My keyboard finally came today, and I have to say that it is great. I would be writing this post with it right now, if the space bar worked!

I set it all up, joystick works fine, I can type on it perfectly, but the space bar just does not work. So I am going to have to send it back and get a replacement. But I must admit it is exactly what I was looking for, perfectly small and light, just what I needed. This would be the final thing to add to my set up and I would be happy. So once I get the replacement for this I will probably get a graphics tablet and a Media Centre remote.

So yes, I would recommend this to anybody who is looking for a small keyboard and the joystick mouse works a lot better than I expected to, but I will still keep my wireless mouse at hand for anything that needs much mouse use.






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