Epson Stylus DX4400

I have been in need of a new printer for some time now, at the moment I have a Lexmark which I hate more than any technology I have in my house (and my Dad still regularly uses cassettes). The Lexmark is very bad as far as ink goes, not only are all the colours in one cartage, but each colour lasts nowhere near enough, then you need to buy a new cartage. I have always been a fan of Epsons, though never owned one peoples I have used I have been very fond of.

So yesterday my Dad said it about time we got a new printer, so I found this on Amazon for £35 and I am eagerly anticipating its arrival. For anybody who is interested in buying one here is the link


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    Gary said,

    hahaahaha… I seem to be commenting everything. To be honest for £35.00 the ink in it will not last long. Epson have a ploy where they sell cheap printers and make people buy ink frequently at high prices. You should get a laserjet, I found a color one on Ebuyer for £99.99 that’s a bargain and will print at least 5,000 full color pages for every toner. Bear in mind though that the toner is £60.00

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    Lee Bialecki said,

    Well, i am not a frequent user of a printer. who needs analog stuff anymore anyway? I am just going to be using it for coursework and other stuff.

    and the different colours have different cartriges, so you are buying less, lower costing cartriges rather than more higher costing. seems pretty ok to me.

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