Right Click With Mac Does Exist!

Okay, so I thought I would just clear up mistake I’m made today. I just walked into the hanging rooms and Peter exploded with the question “Macs can’t right click can they?” I assume there was an augment already going on, but whatever. I must apologise, but I gave the wrong answer, I don’t know how because I knew the right on, but I did give the wrong one so sorry Peter. So when I got home I did a bit of research to make sure I had the right answer, it turns out that it is a common misconception, so let me clear this up:

There is a right click in the

Mac OS!

Most people see the mighty mouse and see there is just one complete shell, no visible buttons, so people thing it only has one click. I do not know much about the mice because I have not used one over a long time. The most recent mighty mice are touch sensitive (the clicks uses to be sensed by a button on the bottom of the mouse) so there are no physical buttons, so most people have thought it only has one clicking button and even that there is no right click in Mac (I think by default the right click is ctrl+click) but there are two buttons. Left click is done normally and however you want, but with the right click you must only have one finger in contact with the mouse, this has been said to be annoying but also as a much better method. So there is a right click by default, and a better one by changing a few settings, but another misconception is that there is no right click or scroll on the macbooks.

There is one big button and a track pad on the macbook, there is no visible right click or scroll, but they are there, and the scroll is better than anything I have seen on windows. The right click is just a click on the left side of the button, pretty obvious, but also you can tap the trackpad with 2 fingers and that will also right click. The scroll is similar, use two fingers and move around the trackpad to scroll, and hold ‘ctrl+two finger movement’ to zoom in and out. So there is most definitely a secondary click with wither the mighty mouse or a macbook track pad, and also any windows mouse will work with mac and a right click is just the same as in windows.

Another thing worth mentioning to explain to people what an easter egg is (not the chocolate type). One of the previous versions of the mighty mouse (with the laser) when you lifted the mouse and looked at the laser on a surface, there was a projection of a mouse face. This is what they call an easter egg, little humorous things found in things. I cant think of many more examples than with our school printers every so often the display reads “please insert coin”.

So anybody who says there is no right click in mac, they are lying or have just been taken into this anti-mac myth.


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  1. 1

    macs suck said,

    sure.. it works for regular applications, but not if you’re playing a game (or working on some other application) that REQUIRES a right-click incredibly often. (and without hesitation)
    i’ve yet to see software that gets around this problem correctly.
    ‘Fallout’ doesn’t let you use that control thing… doing the 2 fingered crap… just isn’t reasonable.

    • 2

      Anonymous said,

      Haha… I think Lee is right. I don’t think you own a mac.

      Because doing a 2 finger scroll or click is not unreasonable at all! After trying it, I concede that it is easy to get the hang of, and more convenient than trackpad scrolls and right clicks on a normal laptop.

      After awhile, I can’t stop myself from doing those two-fingered swipes on PCs and getting exasperated because it doesn’t work…

      But you have to remember to activate the two-finger options from the ‘systems preferences’ first.

  2. 3

    Lee Bialecki said,

    The mighty mouse is good for a home user just for light use, but if you are bothered about right click easily accessible in games or applications then you have to be stupid to keep a touch sensitive mouse. In games you want a tactile response and you would buy a gaming mouse, and if you went right click for applications then get a graphics tablet which is far better than any mouse in every single way. And with a name like “macs suck” I assume that you don’t have a Mac computer or a mighty mouse, so you can’t make a valid comment unless you have used a mighty mouse for a decent period of time.

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