Wacom Bamboo

Okay, so finally my graphics tablet has arrived. My very lovely Wacom bamboo tablet, for the great price of £54 (plus p&p.) It’s about time aswell because I ordered it on Sunday. But I am not too bothered because I am very happy with it, so happy that I am writing this post with it. There is nothing at all wrong with this tablet at all, all the buttons are customisable and responsive, I just cannot flaw it at all.

It is not only functional but it looks great, perfectly sized in every way, width length and depth, most things I have to say about anything is negative, but there is nothing negative tot talk about, so I am finding it difficult to say a lot about it. One issue, which isn’t an issue because it goes away after the first day of use, but you need to get used to using it. The problem is that the active area is a scale model of your monitor, so when the pen is in the bottom left corner of the tablet, it is in the same place on the screen. This is a problem for a while because you find yourself using the pen as you used a mouse, but after you get used to it it is much better than a mouse.

I will be using it mainly a mouse replacement, but also for Flash and the occasional photo editing. One thing that was annoying me before buying this tablet is that I could not find a detailed description of how to use it, so I will give you one now. As soon as you plug your device in and have the pen near the tablet you will notice that the curser will move. To move the cursor move the pen just above the surface of the tablet, when contact is made this is the right click. There are two buttons on the pen which are customisable to anything really, including launches of programmes or files, to keystrokes. The buttons on the pen only work when close enough to the tablet for the curser to move, you can change the settings for these buttons to only work when contact is made. The buttons on the tablet itself are just liekt he ones on the pen and the touch wheel is for scrolling and zooming.

So to clear up what was confusing me when I bought it, hover to move curser and make contact to click, simple as that. Great device which is a great introduction to the world of graphics tablets, certainly when I buy a really decent computer setup I will have a decent graphics tablet with it.


(buttons on the tablet are normally backlit)


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