Day Moon


I have noticed this happening quit a lot recently; it must be a late winter/early spring thing because I don’t seem to see it any other time of the year. When I have looked the moon has arrived around 14:00 for the past 3 days, I don’t know if it has appeared earlier because I do not wait to see when I can see the moon, but it is very early for the moon isn’t it. A few weeks ago the moon was there at around 15:30 (just getting on the bus home from school) which I thought was impressive, but these last 3 days have beat it by hours. Also I remember years ago when I was at primary school I saw the moon at as soon as I arrived at school, so that was probably to moon leaving late rather than arriving early like it has been doing recently.

So yes, it is strange isn’t it, the moon is much nicer to look at during the day, compared to the sun. Doing some research on why it can be seen some days I have also found out that Venus can be seen during the day sometimes if you block the sun from sight, it says you will see a little pale star, so I will be looking out for that one.

So now to answer how the moon can be seen in the day. First of all the moon needs to be over the horizon to be seen during the day. The moon goes all the way round the sky once every 28 days. Around full moon time the moon is opposite the sun and the moon rises around the time the sun sets. After full moon the moon gradually drifts Eastward each night, it gets closer to the Sun in daylight. That is the information I found after a glance though the internet, it makes sense but it does not explain my it is seen some days and not others, I do not see the moon in the sky monthly, and not just because there are clouds in the way, so I want and explanation for that aswell. But I cannot be bothered at the moment so here is a nice animation of the moon’s rotation about it’s own axis.

(click the picture)



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