Format War Finished (just like I said it would)

Well recently it was announced that blu-ray has won the format war, Toshiba has not admitted defeat yet but many shops are no longer ordering HD-DVD movies or players. Blu-ray has far more studios backing its format and after seeing that HD-DVDs near defeat shown in the news the public will definitely not be buying any new equipment in this inferior format. I have always said to my friends that Blu-ray will win and HD-DVD does not have a fighting chance, people could have gone down the line of thought that HD-DVD players are cheaper, but they were cheap because they were bad.

I think that the main thing that swayed things in Blu-rays favour was the fact that a Blu-ray player was as standard in the PlayStation 3, people may have not had the format war in mind when buying their PS3, as long as the games worked they would not be bothered, but when HD starts to take over they will already have the technology needed. So Blu-ray was already in people’s homes where HD-DVD was not, maybe there would have been a decent battle if HD-DVD was standard in the Xbox 360, then both formats would be in people’s homes and Blu-ray would not have the edge, but Microsoft sat on the edge so thankfully the superior format won. Another factor which gave Blu-ray a good change was its inclusion in computers, so Blu-ray was deep into the market, where HD-DVD was nowhere to be seen, people needed to find HD-DVD but Blu-ray was right in your face. The ting that won the battle for Blu-ray was its huge studio backing; I cannot be bothered making a list but blu-ray had the huge majority of the major studios so Blu-ray had most of the market. So HD-DVD had no chance from the start, right at the beginning I would have confidently bought all new equipment in Blu-ray being confident in the fact blu-ray would win. As soon as the price of the PS3 falls (maybe Christmas) more people will be getting the blu-ray technology and HD-DVD will be wiped out.

So long story short, shops are reluctant to buy a format which is barely alive, Blu-ray have many many more titles then HD-DVD do, Blu-ray is already in people’s homes with the PS3 and high end computers. So HD-DVD do not have a leg to stand on, the only good thing it has is low price, but that is a desperate act to try and keep alive. Just forget HD-DVD exists because Blu-ray has won.


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