Google Reader

Today I thought I would have a look at any new Google stuff, there was not much and YouTube was still classed as new. The only decent thing there really is Google Reader. Google say it can be said to be an inbox of your internet, but I say it is a glorified RSS reader without the site needing a RSS feed. The basic idea behind it is that you add a site to your subscriptions and instead of having to go through all your sites you check on, you just go to Google reader and it will show you anything new on the sites you have selected. Personally I use it to check on my friends’ blogs to see how badly they are doing and also for it to tell me when he new episode of Lost is on the internet (I watch on the internet because I cannot stand adverts interrupting).

So yes, if you have sites you check on daily I strongly recommend that you use Google reader because it just puts everything in one place and the site does not need an RSS feed to be added to your subscriptions. Just go to (I think you need a Google account) and just follow what it says.


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