Who remembers Pogs? Pogs were great! I had a huge clear out of my cupboard because it was such a mess of all my old toys you couldn’t find anything, and if you did find anything then you would have to take everything out to reach it. So I cleared everything out and threw loads away, I found a few little treasures though. I found my Pokémon cards, knuckleheads, Beyblades and all my Pogs! So yes, Pogs.

This was how the game went:

  1. First each player placed a set amount of Pogs in a pile face down.
  2. Each player throws their slammer (a heavier Pog) on top of the stack of Pogs created at the start of the game.
  3. Any Pog which lands face up is given to the person who threw the slammer. All of the other Pogs are then collected and put back into the pile, it is then the next players turn.
  4. This continues until there are no Pogs in the pile. If the players were ‘playing for keeps’ then the players keep what they won, but if not the Pogs are redistributed to the original owners.


I loved all these little fads we had in our youth, they were all great and pointless. Today brought back some good memories of the good days.


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    LaurenSchmorn666 said,

    Oh my gosh!! I used to love Pogs!!! I remember my mom getting mad a t me and taking them all away from me though =[. I wish I still had mine, that game was amazing!

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