Windows Live SkyDrive

I have just got home from school and received an email from windows live telling me of its new service called windows SkyDrive. This is something welcome to me because I like to know things are safe no matter what, I will certainly be uploading all my must keep files to this service when I wipe my laptop clean.

The idea behind this is to give you 5GB of space to upload your files to, either for backups or to share your files with friends or whatever. I will be using this service to upload my music so I have it at any computer I want, but it could also be used to store important files or irreplaceable pictures. Not only will this keep your files safe and unreachable by any computer fault, but it also gives you access to your uploaded files on any computer connected to the internet. So say you are at somebody’s house, you want to share a song with them but you have forgotten your PMP (Portable Media Player, much better term than MP3 Player), so normally you would have to troll the internet to find this song. But now of course just sign in to SkyDrive and get your song straight away.

I know there are similar services out there, ones that are and aren’t free, but 5GB of space is very generous and it is all incorporated into Windows Live, so if you are signed in for their instant messenger or any of their services, you have quick access to all your uploaded files. Of course it is not perfect, anything free is not perfect, but it is certainly useful. One feature which I would really like to see is the ability to sync with a folder, so say if I told it to upload all my blog posts, instead of having to upload every new one, it could just search the folder daily and upload anything new. But I have been after that functionality with my pen drive with no luck, so it doesn’t really matter.

So take a look at it today, you don’t have to sign up or anything, it is just included with your Windows Live Messenger account.


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