Terracotta Army

These are among my most favourite things in the world. The first Emperor of China, Qín Shǐhuáng líng, had to be the coolest political figure in history ever. He could maybe even rival me in my rise to power, good job he is dead then. So good old Qin, he did some crayxy stuff in his time, he once punished a mountain by removing all its trees, he believed mercury had magical life giving powers (horribly mistaken) and of course he had his people construct a Terracotta Army to protect him in the afterlife.

Any person crayxy enough to build a huge army out of terracotta in the belief that they will protect him in the afterlife gains immediate respect from me, I would have loved to be under his rule (but he killed everybody who worked on the army so they would not tell people where it was) They have not yet opened his tomb because of all the mercury enclosed, silly mercury man. Once a German man made a terracotta costume and stood with the warriors for a good few minutes before he was seen, it think there I a video on YouTube about it, but he did look very convincing and I doubt he would have been spotted if nobody had seen him walk into the crowd of statues.

My Aunty and Uncle went to see this army in their travels of china and brought me back some souvenirs. They are little tiny terracotta warriors.

They are lovellyly detailed and made of terracotta, they are really beautiful.


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