Sony DSC W80

So my new camera arrived today and I could not be happier with it (a few minor issues which I do not care about much at all). So I will just go through he good and the bad for you. But first I will tell you why I chose it over all the other cameras in my price range. What I was looking for was anything better than what I had (a horrible Olympus Camedia D-435 which my Mum bought a few years ago) The Olympus could take a picture, so my family would not buy a new camera if the one they had worked, but of course I have started using it more for blog pictures and its poor quality was beginning to annoy me. I had been after a new camera for a few years but something else I wanted came up around my birthday or Christmas so I never got one. So with my left over Christmas money and money in my bank I decided to buy a decent camera. I set my guide price to £100 and anything up to £150 if I found a really good deal.

There are a lot of good cameras out there in my price range, so I went for a brand I really liked, so I went in Sony’s direction because they have really quality products in the market and I imagine much effort has gone into he deign of their cameras. My first choice was the DSC-W70 which cost £99 from amazons, the W70 is a 7.2 megapixel camera but that is about it. The W80 was around £130 from Amazon which had double anti-blur (which actually works) and face recognition and all those little extras which the D70 didn’t have, I wanted a camera I would be happy with so I went for the W80 and I am very happy with it. So let’s talk about the good:

  • It looks great
  • Long lasting rechargeable lithium ion battery (no need to buy batteries)
  • It is small enough to fit in most pockets (91x58x23)
  • 7.2 megapixels
  • Double anti-blur which works
  • Great autofocus for both normal and close up shooting (with the macro function)
  • Full 1080 HD output (cable not included)
  • 2.5 inch display with analogue viewfinder
  • 3x optical zoom, 6x digital zoom
  • Video mode with sound
  • Great red eye correction toll within the camera, also image cropping and other effects
  • Auto-rotates pictures taken in portrait.
  • Face detection focuses on faces well to take a better picture.
  • Easy to use/read menu system.
  • 10 shooting modes (auto, programmable, video, snow, beach , landscape, twilight, twilight with person, landscape with person and high sensitivity)
  • Very fast boot and shoot time, you will never miss a shot with its fast start up and shutter.
  • Solid aluminium casing (but the battery/card flap feels a bit flimsy.

There is little I can fault in this camera but here are a few things that aggravate me a little bit:

  • The battery charger is not built into the camera; it is an external device so you remove the battery to charge it.
  • Camera takes Memory Stick Pro Duo, these are not commonly accepted in card readers (does not fit into my photo printer or my laptop’s card reader) so the USB cable is needed.
  • Power button a bit fiddly to press.
  • I would have liked a second battery so if one runs out I am not stuck with a useless camera for the rest of the day.


That is about all I have to say really, it is truly a great camera for any point and shoot camera user, great for holidays or taking any general pictures.


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