Blue Beak Ducks

Finally got a picture of a near blue beak duck (thankyou new camera). Now I am carrying my camera wherever I go I can now go on the hunt of these blue beaked ducks which nobody believes in. I know the one shown above looks more grey, but right at the tip it is turning blue and I have seen some full blue beaks in my time of looking for them. Joe Pennock has seen one when he was with me so you can ask him if they are real, because they are. So I am one step closer to proving their existence to the non-believers. If anybody out there has a picture of a full blue beak duck please send it me at so I can convince my Dad of their existence.


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    andrew said,

    hi there just recently i was working on a boat on the canal and spoted a blue beaked duck could not belive it and it was fantastic to see i have got a photo and it looks great

  2. 2

    BigBird3 said,

    Take a look at this!


    I think I have found one of your ducks!! I hadn’t even noticed until someone on my stream pointed it out. Then I had to investigate and found you!! If you want me to get rid of the link than I will

    Good blue beak hunting!!

  3. 3

    lynda said,

    This is great to see the “double breasted bottle necked blue beak duck” in your pics. This beautiful bird has been declared as endangered.

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