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Black Squirrels!

My dad was telling me about these today saying he read about it in the paper or something. I really love squirrels so I did some research when I got home and found it is some sort of pigment disease like with albinos, so they exist and I would like to see one someday. But I do really like squirrels, I prefer reds to greys because they are smaller and much cuter, but greys are nice to watch run about and stuff. I really enjoy Thormby red squirrel sanctuary (no idea how to spell Thormby) cause you get to just wander about and feed the squirrels and stuff, great day out.

But yes, I do enjoy nibbling animals like squirrels and rabbits, especially squirrels because they actually pick the food up like the cutes human ever. I am quite annoyed at the grey squirrels for killing all the reds though, I would like to be able to see reds as often as greys, but greys are evil and mean and it looks like the ones with the bigger spleens turn the colour of their souls. I don’t have to want to go to a special place to see reds, but I would certainly make the travel to see albinos though. Now they are some cool squirrels the picture here lis an albino red, which makes it the ultimate squirrel, it would be an ideal pet for me.

So yes, aren’t squirrels great, enjoy the pictures.


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Lenard the Lady Bird

Got home today and found a lady bird on my sun flower Leafy. So the lady bird lover I am I tried to get some nice photos. I like the feeling of them walking on my hands so I got a few pictures of that and in other places. But the best was on Leafy.

Just taking a few pictured and by chance I caught him setting off. It is quite an impressive picture because it isn’t TOO blurred, looks like the double anti-blur works on my camera, but too bad it wasn’t triple, oh well. So yes, he was a nice lady bird named after Lenard from The Big Bang Theory (only decent comedy series on TV at the moment until May 2nd when Peep Show starts) if only he was a snake and he could be Sheldon.

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Jailbreak 1.1.4

So after a while of trying a failing to jailbreak 1.1.3 and being sick of getting my iPod how I like it with every new attempt I had given up on updating past 1.1.1. In my opinion there was nothing wrong with 1.1.1 until it was left behind with apps in installer, more and more I was seeing error messages telling me I needed above 1.1.1. So Shaun said he had jailbroken 1.1.4 with ziphone, so I gave it a shot tonight. It works and is really simple, so let me just tell you how to do it (this works for the iPod and the iPhone):

  1. So first thing you want to do is update to 1.1.4, just a clean update, nothing special. Either let itunes get the firmware for you or if you want you can download it yourself from (the links are in the first paragraph)
  2. So once you have updated you want to go to and install ziphone.
  3. Then you just click the jailbreak button and it will jailbreak your iPod/iPhone in around 2 minutes, end of.

This process normally works with no issues, but I had some keyboard issues where if I opened the keyboard my iPod would crash. There is a quick fix for this though. All you need to do is do the same thing as above, but when it has finished jailbreaking before you do anything else open contacts, add a contact and for the name just type random stuff for around ten seconds. Save the contact but do not go back to the lsit of contacts, just press the home button once the contact is saved and your problem should be solved. I know this sounds stupid and fake, but the fix for customise sounded unreal but it was true, so just trust me on this.

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