My New Setup

Well, my Grandma and Grandad are over from Cyprus to celebrate their 50th anniversary. They normally come over at Christmas and I give them my room because it has a better bed and storage. Christmas last year the ariel in here was a bit wrong so I didn’t bother bringing my TV in, but now it is ok so I did some experimenting.

So I have a bit of a dual monitor thing going here which I really love, it is more desctopy than in my other room which is good and bad. It is good because it is more like hands on, but it is too far from my bed to be used in bed. I am contemplating keeping this setup, obviously cleaning it up a bit because it is a mess of wires at the moment. There would be no question whether or not I should keep it if I could use it in bed, but I can’t, so it is a hard decision to make.

Its good because it is more or less like two computers, I can have media centre filling the whole 19″ and have Firefox open on the laptop, it is actually really great. It has urged me even further to want a desktop with 3 monitors, it will be a great.

But yes, if anybody has any ideas how I can have this setup but nearer my bed please tell me, it is a hard decision for me to make.


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