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As you may know I have given my iPod Mini and my iPod dock to my grandma. she wanted a PMP  and my mum bought her the worst I have ever seen, so I gave my grandma my Mini and my dock, half to be nice and half for personal gain. I didn’t want her to put up with the rubbish my Mum bought her, but also I would get a new dock out of it.

so I set myself the £30 limit I put on most general purchases. so I went onto the apple site and picked this out, great reviews all round, one of the few 5 Star products out there. so I went on eBay and picked one up for £35 +p&p, and it truly is 5 Stars.

Comes with remote controlling everything a regular iPod can do, it has flawless, huge sound. Powered by a.ac or batteries, audio in and out, a USB connection will let you sync your iPod while it is docked and it even comes with a handy travel pouch. Really I cannot flaw it for use with an iPod.

but sadly, I have an iPod Touch, and iPod Touch has docking issues. While my iPod is docked the speakers emit a quiet but annoying sound, I tired it with my brother’s Nano (my old Nano) and there were no problems at If that is not strange enough, the strange sounds are only heard when the dock is plugged in, when it is running from batteries there are no issues. And the final problem is that I cannot sync with the dock with my touch, but my brother’s Nano will sync through it. this is not a problem with the dock, but a problem that comes with the iPod Touch.

but I cannot be too bothered about it, it is actually a beast of a dock which has no problems at all, I only hope the iPod touch docking issue will be resolved in a future firmware update.DSC02244DSC02240DSC02252 DSC02249DSC02233


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