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Seagate FreeAgent 500GB External Hard Drive

 DSC03794 Well it was my birthday on the 5th and my main present was a much needed external hard drive. I have been after one for a while now and never got round to getting one, and with my birthday coming up I decided to order one. So I had a quick glance around and this one caught my eye, and with a 5 Year warranty all was good.

The reason I wanted it was for backing up data and to transfer large amounts of data from place to place. It does both very well, so it is perfect really. It is a VERY dark brown with an orange light down the side, connects via USB 2.0 and comes with some handy backup software.


Here you can get information on your drive, test your drive, check for updates and change power saving settings. And of course when you go to the backup tab you can customise which folders to back up when ect.


All in all it is a handy little safety net incase anything goes wrong with my valuable data, and also in a way it is a 500GB flash drive (although sadly it needs ac power so it isn’t very portable) It is very discrete, said to take up the same desk room as a stapler. There is nothing more to say than it cost around £60 with postage from ebuyer and it is really worth it, so if you are thinking of buying an external hard drive I suggest you look at Seagate’s FreeAgent range.

DSC03773 DSC03777



As you can see, it doesn’t take up much space at all, but it does look more black than it does in that photo on the left.

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