iPhone 3G

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Well finally I have ownership over an iPhone, so my new years resolution of “blog more” will be a whole lot easier. I’m sure anybody reading this article will be sick to death of reading about the iPhone, so i will go through its bad parts for you.

  • The main annoyance is its embarrassingly low ringer volume which I had never heard anybody complain about, even from friends who own iPhones(so I may have had a rather loud ringer on my previous phone).
  • Hand in hand with the low ringer volume is the relatively low speaker volume, it is not as embarrassing as the ringer volume but it definitely leaves something to be desired.#
  • The GPS within Maps is pseudo-real time (i assume to save batter), but I put that down to the maps application because the GPS performs much better within other location applications. Also Tom Tom have said they are developing a full featured GPS app, which they would not do if they had inferior GPS hardware to deal with.
  • I cannot really knock the camera because it is what it says on the box, 2 megapixels with no flash. but it is certainly a handy tool to have in applications such as WordPress, allowing me to take and upload pictures to my blog on the move.

So those are my problems with the iPhone, but of course they are overshadowed by the device’s immense greatness, I did not buy it as a phone, I bought it as an iPod Touch with mobile internet, GPS capabilities and a speaker, and overall I am FAR from disappointed.

So with the applications now available to me which would be obsolete on the iPod Touch I now have a new list of favorite Applications (All Free):

  • Facebook – A few months ago I was opposed to Social networks for reasons I cannot remember (probably due to my horrible experiences with MySpace) But now I enjoy few things more than uploading my photos to Facebook. The iPhone application is very useful which lacks only the ability to look at and join groups.


  • Tris – No longer in the App Store, this is a simple Tetris game which is a real boredom slayer.


  • WritingPad – This is an alternative note taking application where instead of taping each letter individually you press your finger on the first letter, then keeping your finger on the screen move it to the letters in the word, drawing a line from letter to letter (its hard to explain). Its strange to get used to but it is definitely a lot quicker. you can even email notes to people, so it also speeds up emailing.

Shazam (4)

  • EasyWrier – Very simple application which allows you to compose email messages with a landscape keyboard.
  • Evernote – This is truly the most useful application I have come across. Long story short it is an advanced note taking device which I shall write a separate post on.

Shazam (3)

  • Shazam – Another greatly useful application. When you hear a song which you would like to know the name of, just open it and tap “Tag Now” and in a few seconds it will tell you the name of the song and give you links to iTunes, YouTube, Reviews, Discography and Biography for the band and artist.

Shazam (2) Shazam (6)


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