Changes to iTunes

As some of you may know, 80% of iTunes’ 10,000,000 strong music library is now DRM free, and by the end if this quarter they hope to have a 100% DRM free library.

In addition to removing DRM they have also altered the pricing of their music. Previously there was little escape from the $0.99 price point for a single song. But now music labels can choose to sell their songs for $0.69, $0.99 or $1.29, when these new prices were announced it was also said that many many more songs will be sold at $0.69 than songs sold at $1.29, so most users will either make a saving or at least break even, so you cannot really complain.

Not only is the DRM removed, but the audio is higher quality at 256kbps and you can download music with your iPhone over 3G as well as wifi.

For those of you who have large iTunes-purchased music libraries  you can upgrade previously purchased songs for $0.30, music videos for $0.60 and whole albums for 30% of their price. I imagine this cost would surely mount up to a silly amount if you wanted to upgrade your entire library.

In a battle of digital music sites Amazon used to win by a mile with it’s lack of DRM, higher quality, mp3 format and variable prices. But now iTunes has matched Amazon in DRM and bit rate, so the winner is now decided with your preference. Either you settle for acc and a larger selection, or mp3 and a smaller selection.


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