Sony MicroVault Click


After loosing my 4 GB drive months ago, and becoming sick of my 1 GB backup, I went in search of a new flash drive. 8 GB being the smallest I would have liked, also hoping to keep this for many years to come, I did not want to be stuck with an ugly cheap mess. So what I was looking for was 8 to 16 GB, less than £20 and something which looks nice.

A cheap option is the branded range, with 8 GB for £9.49 and 16 GB for £16.99, which is great if you don’t care about looks and don’t want to care about loss. But I settled for Sony’s nice-looking and gimmicky click range. I ended up paying around £20 (with postage) for the 8 GB from Amazon after Play let me down (after more than a week had passed and no dispatch to be seen). So a quick review of it is that its nice looking and reliable. The included compression software could be genuinely useful, it actually does decrease file size, but the software requires administrator privileges. So it is rendered obsolete for college use, how aggravating.

But the glorious gimmicky side of these flash drives is the clicking, it clicks just like a clicky pen, with the USB connector showing and hiding. But it is not just any click, it is the best, most satisfying click known to pen and flash drive alike! When you click it, you really just have to click it again, then again, then again and again.

So all in all it is a quality flash drive, certainly worth the music and I have no regrets after buying it.




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