Tether iPhone to Computer

This is a very simple procedure which is only possible with a Jailbroken iPhone. So if you do not have a Jailbroken iPhone then see my post on how to Jailbreak an iPhone with 2.2.1 firmware (look elsewhere for other firmwares). Before you start I should say the software is nagware (i.e. asks for registration once in a while but registration is not needed)

I will be using a 2.2.1 Jailbroken iPhone and a windows Vista computer, this also works on Mac. So lets get started:

  1. On your iPhone open up Cydia
  2. Search for “Modem” and install “iPhoneModem by Addition”
  3. Download and install  the helper application from http://www.iphonemodem.com/ (Windows or Macintosh)
  4. Open iPhoneModem on your computer and click connect.
  5. On your iPhone go to your wifi settings and connect to “iPhoneModem”
  6. Open up iPhoneModem (just called “Modem” on the list of apps)
  7. Wait for both devices to complete the connection.
  8. Then you should be good to go.

Just so you know this seriously drains battery life, so I suggest you connect your iPhone to your computer with the USB cable to reduce the battery use. And that is it, now you can get the internet on your laptop or netbook wherever you can get the internet on your iPhone (this works great on my Acer Aspire One)


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